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Patrick and the Prince: A Gospel Allegory For Children
Author : Joanne Hillman
Category : Children, biography
ISBN : 978-1-935802-43-3
Price : $ 15.95
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Patrick and the Prince is a wonderful allegory for children of all ages. Beautifully illustrated, it presents the Christian gospel as an unforgettable story of a little orphan boy, unloved and undeserving, who is rescued by a wonderful Prince. His life is transformed when he accepts the Prince’s invitation for a new life in a wonderful palace where the only rule is, "Love one another." This delightful book will be read, re-read, and cherished by your children and grandchildren.

Patrick and the Prince is a sewn, case bound book which is designed to provide excellent wear and use for generations.


“What a powerful story in the form of a parable, told in simple language so that children may understand. Adult readers cannot help but feel the impact of the love described here.” H. C. Williams

“Although Patrick and the Prince is written for children, it will bring pleasure to the parents and grandparents reading it to their young ones. This is a remarkable story that comes alive in one’s heart and stays there well after the book is passed on.” Cheila McKay

“This is not just a bedtime story; this is tale for all ages. I believe this one will become a classic.” Patricia Sawyer

“My sixteen-year-old autistic grandson loves this story and understands the analogy as it relates to God and Jesus. I strongly recommend this book and can hardly wait for its publication as a children’s picture book.” Marilyn Umphrey

“An enchanted fairytale that whisks children to a land of love, redemption, and forgiveness. Children of all ages will be caught up in this beautiful story and eagerly wish they too could live in the palace that has only one rule: Love one another.” Sharon Finley

About the Author

Author Bio

Joanne Hillman attends the Crossing Church in The Woodlands , Texas, where she teaches an adult Bible class, leads writers’ groups, and directs hymn services for local nursing homes. Her family includes three children, eleven grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, an arrogant cat named Sasha, and a wimpy little dog named Buddy.

Her previous books include Listening Prayer: How to Hear the Shepherd’s Voice; A Perfect Marriage (of Two Imperfect People); Whispers of Grace: An Inspirational Collection; and Song of Salome: Jesus as Seen by His Family and Friends.

Illustrator Bio

Georgia Williams, her good friend, is an experienced artist, recognized for her unique style which includes landscape as well as nature themes. She works closely with the author to capture the feeling expressed in the writing.

As a believer in Jesus, she is the first to give God the glory for her talent and for the opportunity to use that talent to assist and encourage others.


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